Monday, 19 May 2008

The art of cycling.

I think cycling is the most beautiful sport in the world.
Scenery, Commitment, Sacrifice, Pedaling, Speed, Passion...

All is Beautiful!

I see this video when I burn out and don't wanna ride.
It encourages me to ride again and train hard.

I actually don't know the reason why I keep riding.
But I suppose that it doesn't matter whether I realize or not.
There's no reason.
I just ride for myself not for anyone else.

Yes, there's a passion.
To win a race, be faster, wanna be like a pro...

I want to ride like pro cyclists.
I think it sounds ludiculous.
I'm just an ordinary man.
But you are not be ambitious at all, you NEVER reach that level.
You don't know until you actually give it a try.

No one know what is happen tommorow.
I believe in myself.

I hope you enjoy watching this video and I'm happy if you have even a little interest in cycling.

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